Mason has implemented a new disclosure system called RAMP COI. The legacy system can be accessed in View Only mode by clicking the button below. Please refer to RAMP COI Training, Annual Disclosure Guidance, and Frequently Asked Questions below.

For questions or concerns, email


For more information and guidance about Mason’s conflict of interest rules, please contact:

  • Elizabeth Woodley, University Ethics Officer and Outside Interests Manager, Office of University Audit Risk and Compliance
  • Chris DiTeresi, Director, Research Integrity, Office of Research Integrity and Assurance
  • Vin Lacovara, Institutional Compliance Leader, Office of University Audit Risk and Compliance
  •, for all other concerns/questions

To make an anonymous report of a violation of conflict of interest rules, contact:

Office of University Audit Employee Assistance Line: 1-866-GMU-1706 (anonymous  reporting).

Commonwealth of Virginia’s Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline: 1-800-723-1615  (anonymous reporting).