Mason has implemented a new disclosure system called RAMP COI. The legacy system can be accessed in View Only mode by clicking the button below. Please refer to RAMP COI Training, Annual Disclosure Guidance, and Frequently Asked Questions below.

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Annual Disclosure Guidance

Guidance for Making an Annual Disclosure in RAMP COI 

In addition to the RAMP COI training materials available at, this guidance sheet provides further context about what you are required to disclose in accordance with Mason policies.  

Please visit the RAMP COI Disclosure site and follow the instructions below to complete the training and the annual disclosure.   

  1. First, click the link provided in your notification email and sign in with your Mason ID. 
  1. Read through the Instructions and Training information describing Mason’s Policies and what needs to be disclosed. Please note the following, which is discussed further in the training: 
  1. Personal Interest in a Transaction:  If you do not know whether an entity has a business relationship with Mason, click Yes, and you can search for the entity in the entity disclosure page. You can also contact us at  
  1. Significant Financial Interests (SFIs) and Research Proposals: Significant financial interests related to institutional responsibilities must be disclosed prior to research proposal submission. Significant financial interests include more than $5,000 in equity for publicly traded firms, or annual income or any ownership interest in a privately held firm. 
  1. Immediate Family Members: If you have an immediate family member (defined as a spouse or someone who lives in your house and is your dependent) who also works at Mason, you will also be required to disclose the name of your immediate family member.  
  1. Outside Employment: Instructional and Research faculty as well as Administrative faculty and staff must disclose outside employment pursuant to University Policy and the Faculty Handbook. University Policy 2227: Outside Employment, requires A/P faculty and Classified Staff to disclose and receive approval for outside employment with their immediate supervisor prior to engaging in any such employment. Disclosure will now be made in the RAMP COI system. 
  1. Statement of Economic Interest (SOEI) Filers: A limited number of employees are required to also complete a separate, Commonwealth of Virginia disclosure using a state system. You will receive a separate notice when that disclosure is due. 
  1. You will then click Yes or No when asked if you have any financial interests or activities to disclose.  
  1. If you do not have any interests or activities to disclose, then the declaration process is complete. If you do have a situation to disclose, you will be asked to further describe that in the field provided. 

5.      If approval is required for any activities, you will receive confirmation when approval is received. If you have any questions about what to disclose, please contact